Recommended links

Animation Art

Animation Art Gallery
Comments: Link to a site selling Animation art,original animation cells and limited edition cells.

Auctionsites - International

Comments: One of the older auctionhouses,if you are into high quality items and/or famous classic cars for buying or just dreaming this is the site for you.
Comments: One of the most famous auctionssites on the internet,and I don`t think it needs a presentation.
Heritage Auctions
Comments: Lots of interesting auctionitems,coins,comicbooks,etc.
R&R Enterprises
Comments: Great auctionsite for autographs.
RM Auctions
Comments: Auctions for exclusive cars.

Auctionsites - Norway

Comments: One of the best norwegian auctionsites.
Comments: One of the best norwegian auctionsites.

Auctionsites - Sweden

Comments: One of the best swedish auctionsites.


Comments: "The Wiki of hot girls",nice place to browse or search for known and unknown hot babes.

Battlefield 2

Comments: "The numbers behind BF2",if you like to keep track of your score and stats in BF2.
Comments: Also a great site to track your score and stats in BF2.
Comments: BF2 Official site.
Game servers
Comments: If you want to host your own BF2 server,this is the place to visit.
BF2 Game servers
Comments: Here is also a good site to visit for server rentals or info on mods,etc.
Planet Battlefield
Comments: One of the best sites for info,mods,etc for BF2.
Comments: Another good site for server rentals.
Total Battlefield
Comments: Another one of the best sites for info,mods,news for BF2.


Comments: Great bettingsite,user-friendly and good odds.


Frogner Antikvariat
Comments: I`m a huge fan and collector of Biggles-books,and this antiquarian sometimes have them in stock.Sorry,norwegian site.
Fleet Air Arm Archive
Comments: I sometimes use this site to identify aircrafts in the Biggles books,but it`s also a allround good site for aircrafts.
Comments: A list of antiquarians that might have Biggles books,this site is also possible to read in english.I know the alphabeth, but I think this order falls naturally.

Birn Brothers

Adelaide Booksellers
Comments: I`m not sure if I remember correctly,but I think Birn Brothers was rumoured to have housed the illustrators of Matchboxs cardboardart.
What I know for sure,is that they published early Mickey Mouse books and postcards,paperdolls,and other childrens books.
I had a plan to start collecting childrens books published by them,but I collect too much allready :S .
Some of these links contains examples of what they have published and abit info about Birn Brothers. This first site is an australian antiquarian,which sometimes stocks books published by Birn Brothers.

Blacket Books
Comments: This is a antiquarian that sometimes stocks Birn Brothers published books.
Comments: A little info and history about the Birn Brothers.
Books and Collectibles
Comments: Another australian antiquarian selling Birn Brothers published books.
Comicbook Annuals
Comments: This is a site,selling childrens books.
Dean Annuals and other books
Comments: Examples of childrens books published by BB.
Duke University Libraries
Comments: An example of Birn Brothers published books for girls too.
J&Y Stamps
Comments: Examples of postcardart published by BB.
Kidz Books
Comments: Some info about Birn Brothers and about one of the authors under their wings.
Paul A. Whyles Second-Hand Books
Comments: A Second-hand bookstore that have alot of childrens books,and of course others.
UK Bookworld
Comments: Shop that sells old books,including books published by BB.
Xanadu Books
Comments: Antiquarian and Second-hand bookstore that stocks Birn Brothers books and other books.


Comments: If you are into buying boats or dream about it,this is the site for you.
Classic boats for sale
Comments: If you like classic boats like I do,this is the site to visit.
Yacht World
Comments: If you are into luxury boats for buying or dreaming,this is the site for you.
Yachting & Boating World
Comments: Lots of great yachting and boating info and also a large markedplace for boats.

Carl Barks art

A Guidebook to the Carl Barks universe
Comments: A list of Carl Barks oilpaintings,he was the best Disney cartoonist ever. The site also contains other info about Carl Barks work.
The Book Palace
This store sells Carl Barks art prints.
Carl Barks - The Duck Man
Comments: A little bit info about Carl Barks.
Gallery Direct Art
Comments: This store sells Walt Disney Sericels,Hand-Painted art,Limited Edition Prints,etc,including Carl Barks art.
World Wide Art
Comments: This store also sells Walt Disney arts,including Carl Barks art.

Cars postcards

The Postcard
Comments: A list of Automobiles/Bus/Truck/Transportation Postcard to buy,or admire the drawings/art on them.

Cars - Info

Cadillac Database
Comments: A site packed with information and pictures of Cadillacs.
Superior Coaches
Comments: A little bit history and info about Cadillac hearses.Superior made the Ambulance in the Ghostbuster movie.
Talbot Tagora
Comments: The Talbot Tagora Precidence is a very special russian luxury car,NB: Site in french.
There are 100000s of good carreferences on the net,this is just three sites I had personal interest in.

Cars - Norway

AB Cars AS
Comments: Used cars, some luxury cars, decent prices.
Amerikanske biler
Comments: Newer and classic american cars.
Anker AS
Comments: Also newer and classic american cars.
Auto Team AS
Comments: Main import of SSangyong,but also got some nice used cars.
Comments: Autobørsen is one of the largest used cars magazines in Norway,and you also find them online.
Comments: One of the most popular sites for everything on wheels and than some.
Automobile D`Italia
Comments: Specialists on Italian classics.
Bilsenteret Stryn AS
Comments: Some very nice used luxury cars.
Classic Car Restoration
Comments: Classic cars restorations and for sale.
Ferdinand Motor AS
Comments:If you are into expensive luxury cars or just want to dream,this is the site for you.
They are early to have the most exclusive cars on the marked.

Grenland Veteranvognklubb
Comments: They have a buy and sell marked with classic cars and carparts.It`s also a carclub.
Haugs Bilsalg
Comments: Got some nice used cars and also a few Corvettes.
Hauk Motors
Comments: Got parts for Ferrari,Mercedes and Porsche,including tuning.Also got some classics and newer cars for sale.
Holmane Bil
Comments: Got some nice newer used cars,but also some classics.
Infra Eidem
Comments: Looks like you need to contact them to order cars.
Japan Auto
Comments: Experts on Japan/asian import of cars.
Klepp Auto Senter
Comments: Some used cars,but mostly classics.
Lifo Konsult AS
Comments: Nice used cars,decent prices.
MB Auto Import AS
Comments: Specialize in German used cars,but import other cars too,including classics.
Comments: Motorbørsen is one of the largest used cars magazines in Norway,and you also find them online.
NAI - Norwegian Amcar Import
Comments: Imports american cars,mostly classics.
Norsk Sportsvogn Klubb
Comments: They have a buy and sell marked with classic cars and carparts.It`s also a carclub.
Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb
Comments: They have a buy and sell marked with classic cars and carparts.It`s also a carclub.
Northstar Trading
Comments: Sells american classics and some newer ones.
Ny bil
Comments: Got some nice used cars and very good prices.
Ove`s Bil
Comments: Got classic american cars and some newer.
Phoenix US Cars
Comments: Only got american cars.
Prestmarken Bil
Comments: Lots of nice used luxury cars,for buying or dreaming.
Quality Car
Comments: Got some newer and classic american cars,and some nice used european ones.
Sandven AS
Comments: Has some of the lowest prices for luxury cars.
Skjeberg Båt og fritid
Comments: Got some nice used cars and boats.Also has some classic cars.
Spectra Auto
Comments: Got alot of great used luxury cars.
Tele Bil og Caravan AS
Comments: Sells used cars and caravans.
Tinde - Bruktbil
Comments: Tinde is one of the largest markedplaces on the net in Norway,this is just a link to the used cars section.
Comments: Veteranbørsen is one of the largest classic cars magazines in Norway,and you also find them online.
Vinstra Karosseri
Comments: Got used cars,classics too,but the site is not updated at present time.
Vollen Trucks & Parts AS
Comments: Got alot on wheels,classics too.

Cars - Germany

Comments: One of the best sites in Germany to find used cars.

Cars - Sweden

Alla Annonser
Comments: Overview of most swedish ads on the net,not just cars.
Comments: Annonsbørsen is one of the largest used cars magazines in Sweden,and you also find them online.
Comments: Large database of used cars for sale.
Comments: Site to search for info and used cars.
Blocket Bilar
Comments: Blocket is one of the largest used markeds on the net in Sweden.This is just a link to the car section.
Connys USA Bilar
Comments: Classic american cars for sale.
Comments: Classic american cars,all over.
Comments: Everything on wheels and then some.
Comments: Lots of nice classic cars and some newer used cars.
Comments: Overview of ads in Sweden,ranging from cars to small things.
MDA Classic Cars
Comments: Classic cars,but not budget priced cars.
Tradera Motor
Comments: Tradera is a larger site with ads,this is just the Motor section.
Comments: American classic cars.
USA Bilar
Comments: Mostly American classic cars.

Cars - UK

Dream Cars
Comments: Classic american cars,specialize in finding your dream car.

Cars - US

Ade Collector cars
Comments: Will add the full adress when they have removed the virus on their site.
AZ Cars and Trucks
Comments: Alot of great classic cars and trucks for sale.
AZ Classics
Comments: Lots of nice classic cars.
Bay City Motor Company
Comments: Mostly american classics,but also some european classics too.
Comments: Lots and lots of classic cars,but the site design is abit primitive.
Car Sellers USA
Comments: All kinds of cars for sale.
Classic car
Comments: This link is to the classic car section,but choose your item has alot more on wheels and real estates.
Classics and Customs
Comments: Both classics and customs,but also some modern cars.
Classic car Mall
Comments: Lots of great classics.
Classic Car Showcase
Comments: Lots of great classics.
Classy Auto
Comments: Classy cars allright and some classics too.
Corrente Cadillac
Comments: Specialize on Cadillacs.
Deals on Wheels
Comments: One of my favourite sites,updates daily.Many nice classics.
Gateway Classic Cars
Comments: Alot of nice american classic cars.
Comments: Hemmings is one of the most wellknown used cars magazines in the US.
Jerry Lewis Motors
Comments: Classics,Hot Rods and some modern cars too.
Luxury Motors
Comments: Many nice luxury cars for sale.
Memory Lane Motors
Comments: Many nice classic cars.
One Stop Motors
Comments: Everything on wheels and then some.
Park Place LTD
Comments: Alot of exotic cars.
Phillips Premier Auto
Comments: Classic american cars.
Prewar Car
Comments: Prewar and postwar classics.
Stable LTD
Comments: Classic motorcars,and some modern luxury cars.
Southern Bush Motorsports
Comments: Classic american cars.
Specialty Auto
Comments: Luxury cars and classics.
Street Rodding
Comments: Hot Rods,Street Rods,etc.
Texas Toy Box
Comments: Specialize in Mopar Musclecars.
TNT got cars
Comments: American cars,both modern and classics.
Volo Auto Museum
Comments: A museum,but they also sell classic cars,including some movie cars.
Worldwide Musclecars
Comments: Specialize in classic muscle cars.

Celebrity Addresses

Celeb Fan Mail
Comments: Some info about how to write to a celebrity and some good links to find addresses.
Contact Any Celebrity
Comments: Large database of addresses.
Movieeye - Autographcolleting
Comments: I think this site got a subscription fee,I`m not sure.I had a plan to start collecting autographs,
but I never came around to do it.This link is a part of Movieeye.

Portalmix - Addresses A-Z
Comments: Some free addresses,but who knows when these were updated.
Rumela`s Web
Comments: Lot of info about celebrities,but not sure if there are addresses too.

Children drawings

The Monster Engine
Comments: This is an artist that makes childrendrawings look realistic.Quite interesting project.

Classic PC Games

Free PC Games
Comments: Some classic games,not all are free though.
Comments: Absolutely one of the best sites for info about games,including classics.
Lucasarts Official Site
Comments: It`s possible to obtain information about their early adventure games on this site.
Comments: Lots of info,screenshots,etc about classic games.
The Underdogs
Comments: Got alot of classic games,but not updated since 2006.

Cleaning of surfaces

Micro Surface
Comments: Recommended product to clean surfaces,including windows on toycars.

Comic art

Albert Moy Comic Art
Comments: Sells original comicbook art.
Anthony Snyder Comic Art
Comments: Collector,but also sells original comicbook art.
Catskill Comics
Comments: Original and Commission art for sale.
Comic art fans
Comments: Showcase of collections,but also art for sale.
Comicbook Art Gallery
Comments: Comic art for sale.
Conrad`s comics-n-art
Comments: Comicbooks and art for sale.
Fanfare Sports & Entertainment
Comments: Original art for sale.
Golden Age Collectibles
Comments: Specialize in items from the golden age era,including original art.
Graphic Collectibles
Comments: comic art,illustration art,etc.
Moth Comix
Comments: Original art,hardcovers,etc.
Comments: Lots of original art for sale.
Splashpage art
Comments: Specialize in modern era comic art.
Tri-State Original Art
Comments: Original art.
Vault Auctions
Comments: Europe`s largest comicbook auction company.
Virtual comicart
Original comic art.


CGC Comics
Comments: The place to get your comicbooks graded.
Comments: Possible to buy comicbooks.

Data Recovery

Comments: If you have important data that needs to be recovered,this is the company for you.NB: Norwegian site.


American Singles
Comments: If you want to find the special one in the States.
Match - MSN Soulmates - Norway
Comments: NB: This link goes to the norwegian section.

Diecast cars collectors

Adkins Collectibles
Comments: Place to look at or buy Johnny Lightning,Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.
Comments: Quality diecastcars made in Italy.The webadress must be a misshap ;D. - Toys and games
Comments: List of retailers and factories making toys of all kinds.
Christian Falkenstein
Comments: Christian is Mr.Matchbox himself,he is a lexicon when it comes to Matchbox.Large database of Matchbox.
NB: This link goes to the wheel section.

Come Shopping - Collectors and dealers
List of links to collectors and sites that sells toycars.
Corgi Online Shop
Comments: Selling Corgis and Vanguards.
Diecast Drive-in
Comments: Collection of Corgis and Dinkys.
Koray`s Diecast
Comments: Collection of diverse diecast cars.
Land Rover Miniatures
Comments: Extensive list and photos of Land Rovers made in small scale.
Comments: Alot of info and pictures of Majorette diecast cars.NB: Site in french.
Comments: Majorette collection.NB: Site in french.
Matchbox Community
Commenta: My second family, and a bunch of knowledgable guys about toycars of any brand.
Comments: Site for collectors of all kinds of toys.
Toy peddler
Comments: Buy and sell toys here.
Unique Collections
Comments: Collection and selling of diecast cars of all kinds.

Diecast carparts

Model carparts
Comments: Alot of (replacement) parts for toycars.
Recover Toy
Comments: Also alot of parts for toycars.

Diecast carpaint

Frisenfeldt AS
Comments: Hobbyshop with paint for toycars.NB: Norwegian site.
Nortrading AS
Comments: Another hobbyshop with paint for toycars.NB: Norwegian site.

Disney Movielists

Complete Disney Animated Movies list
Comments: List of Disney animated movies,including details.
Comments: List of Disneymovies released on DVDs and Blu-Rays.
Wikipedia - List of Disney animated movies
Comments: Link says it all.
Wikipedia - List of Disney movies
Comments: Link says it all.

Disneyland and Walt Disney

Disneyland Resort
Comments: Disneyland official site.
Just Disney
Comments: Lots of information and pictures of Walt Disney.
New York Times - Interview with John Lasseter
Comments: Founder of Pixar,new creative chief of Disney animations.
Wikipedia - Walt Disney
Comments: Info about Walt Disney.
Walt Disney Biography
Comments: Schoolproject about Walt Disney.


Driver Guide
Comments: Great place to find drivers and firmware to your devices.

Face searchengine

Polar Rose
Comments: With Polar Rose you can name the people you see on photos and use it to find more pictures.

Fatboy Slim

Comments: Discography and tabulators. - Fatboy Slim
Comments: List of Albums and Songs.
Mymusic - Fatboy Slim
Comments: Discography of all CDS and DVDS released by Fatboy Slim.
Tiscali Music
Comments: Discography.

File Extensions

Comments: Info about fileextensions and what programs use them.

Film Info

Internet Movie Database
Comments: The best site to search for info about movies.
Internet Movie Cars Database
Comments: Spin-off the original IMDB site,contains cars from movies.
Comments: The best site for release dates for movies,on cinemas,dvds and Blu-Rays.


Disney Studios
Comments: Walt Disney Studios,lists and info of movies made by the Studio.
Dreamworks Studios
Comments: Dreamworks Studios,lists and info of movies made by the Studio.
Pixar Animation Studio
Comments: Pixar Studios,lists and info of movies made by the Studio.Three of my favourite film studios.

Finding people

Comments: Find info about companies and people.

Football Onlinegame

Comments: Online Soccergame,very popular game.


Army Airforces of WWII Forum
Comments: Lots of interesting info about WWII.
Comments: Chevrolet Forum.
Computer Arts Forum
Comments: Computer art forum,which is also a magazine.
Matchbox Community
Comments: My second family and a bunch of knowledgable guys.
MB World
Comments: Mercedes Benz Forum.
PC Gamer Forum
Comments: PC Gamer forum.PC Gamer is also a magazine.
PC Format Forum
Comments: PC Format is also a magazine.
TV2 - Spillmagasinet
Comments: Spillmagasinet forum.NB: Norwegian site.
W126 Forum
Comments: Mercedes W126 Forum.NB: German site.
Comments: Computer forum.

Football Results

Soccer Stand
Comments: Great site for soccerresults in all series.

Fotodotno Comments: Everything about photographs.NB: Norwegian site.


MSN Tech and Gadgets
Comments: News and info about gadgets and such.

Games Developer list

Answers - List of Videogame developers
Comments: Link says it all.
Game Developer list
Comments: Large list of game developers.
Gamers Underground
Comments: List of Game companies,both publishers and developers.
Giant list of Classic Game Programmers
Comments: Huge list of Classic game programmers.
Geniusfind - Computer Games Developers
Comments: Links to computer games developers.

Games list

Complete Games list
Comments: Info and releasedates of most games made.

Games and Casino

Ambrosia Software
Comments: Online and mobile games.
Freedome Fans
Comments: Freedome Force Universe and then some.
Comments: Lots of downloadable games for sale.


Comments: Live TV on the net,lot of channels.
Comments: Guide to Live TV webcasts.
Web TVlist
Comments: World`s largest collection of Live internet TV stations and feeds.

Comments: News,reviews,rankings and info about motherboards.Great site.

Netshop rating

Comments: Ratings and user reviews of netshops.

Newer diecastcars

Asheville Diecast
Comments: All kinds of newer diecast. DHS Diecast
Comments: Specialize in construction diecast.
Diecast Alley
Comments: Lot of different brand for sale.
Diecast Warehouse
Comments: Hot Wheels,Johnny Lightning,Matchbox and Road Champs.
Comments: AUTOart,Jada,Hot Wheels,Maisto,etc.
Jaydeez Scale Models
Comments: Mostly diecast trucks,and some hobbytools.
Kiddie Kar Kollektibles
Comments: Selling diverse toycars.
Legacy Diecast
Comments: Authorized dealer of top brands.
Milezone`s toys
Comments: Lot of different brands.
Comments: Quality toycars.


Games 4 Nintendo
Comments: List of games for Nintendo.
Retro games
Comments: Selling games for nintendo and other formats.
Wikipedia - List of SNES games
Comments: Link says it all.


Comments: Discography.

Online Cinema

Comments: Fun little game.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup Trucks
Comments: All you want to know about pickups and more.

Plastic toy Motorcycles

Toy Motorcycle
Comments: Collection of toy motorcycles.
Toy Motorcycle Museum
Comments: Collection of toy motorcycles.


All Posters
Comments: One of the best sites to order posters and t-shirts.
Art of the Print
Comments: Original posters and advertising for sale.
Comments: This site also got posters for sale.
Chrisholm Posters
Comments: Original vintage movieposters and others.
Comments: Movie posters.
Conway`s Vintage Treasures
Comments: Vintage movieposters,autographs,etc.
Comments: Posters and other music collectibles.
Film Posters
Comments: Original and vintage movieposters.
Find posters
Comments: If you are looking for a specific poster,search here.
International poster
Comments: Vintage and modern posters.
La Belle Epoque
Comments: Original vintage advertising posters.
Mick Rock Webshop
Comments: Original posters,T-Shirts,Publications and Limited Edition Prints.NB: This link goes to the posters section.
Miscellaneous Man
Comments: Original Posters and vintage graphics.
Movie Goods
Comments: Movie posters,photos and more.
Comments: Movie posters.
Movieposter Shop
Comments: Movie posters.
Nancy Steinbock Posters
Comments: Vintage advertising posters.
Comments: Original movie posters,but down for update.
Comments: Polish original posters for english movies.
Poster Connection
Comments: Original vintage posters.
Rare Maps - Vintage Posters
Comments: Maps,manuscripts,etc.NB: This link goes to the Vintage Posters section.
Comments: Original movieposters.
Vintage Poster Art
Comments: Original advertising and movie posters

Price Comparison

Din pris
Comments: Find the right product for the right price.NB: Norwegian site.
Comments: Compare prices before you buy.NB: This link goes to the norwegian site.
Pricing Central
Comments: Find the lowest prices online.
Pris guide
Comments: Compare products and prices.NB: Norwegian site.
Price Scan
Commments: Find the lowest price online and offline.
Price Watch
Comments: Find the lowest price for PC hardware and Electronics.


Famous Quotes
Comments: Famous quotes and such.
Comments: Lots and lots of quotes.

Report unlegal sites

ASACP - Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection
Comments: Report sites containing childporn.


Comments: Lots of fun for your mobilephone.NB: Norwegian site.


Eniro - Norge
Comments: NB: Norwegian site.
Comments: NB: Norwegian site.
Comments: NB: Norwegian section.
Comments: Good old searchengine.
Comments: NB: Norwegian site.
Comments: Another good old searchengine.


Comments: Everything and then some.
Comments: Best place to buy books online in Norway.
Comments: THE best site to buy CDs,DVDs,etc.Excellent prices.
Play USA
Comments: The US section of Play.If you want to be early with the newest movies,this is the site for you.
Comments: Exclusive custom made computers.
Comments: Everything and then some.

Smashing Pumpkins

Comments: Information about the band and discography.
SPFC - Smashing Pumpkins Fan Collaborative
Comments: Fan made site,lot of stuff about SP.
Comments: Info about SP,and links to other sites about SP.

Software updates and Recommended Software by me

Comments: Great virusprogram.
Ad-Aware - Lavasoft
Comments: Great virus and spyware program.
AVG - Grisoft
Comments: Another great virusprogram.
FileRecovery Pro - BTSoftware
Comments: Recovers deleted files and from crashed HDs.
Microsoft Update
Comments: Recommend to check for updates once in awhile,especially if you have turned off auto-update.
Picture Ripper
Comments: Great little app to grab pictures and such.
Spyware Doctor and Registry Mechanic - PCTools
Comments: Great spyware remover and Registry cleaner,recommend both.

Tegneserier - Norwegian sites

Gekki`s Tegneseriesjappe
Comments: Lots of comicbooks for sale.
Comments: Lots of comicbooks for sale.


Comments: Lots of cool T-shirts and also possible to customize your own design.
Choice T-Shirts
Comments: Lots of cool T-shirts and also possible to customize your own design.

Video and photo upload services

Comments: Photo upload and info about photographing.
Comments: Upload of pictures and videos.
Put File
Comments: Upload your media here.
You Tube
Comments: Don`t need an presentation.

Virus Info

Virus Description list - F-Secure
Comments: Link says it all.


World Guns
Comments: For you that are interested in weapons.Large database with info.


Comments: Webcameras all over the world.
Comments: A list of webcams all over the world,don`t know if it updates frequently.
suggestions,comments or orders
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